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Christopher Bright - Webmaster/Designer

Christopher Bright

Christopher Bright is the webmaster and site designer of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine’s primary website. Fresh from his training at Lincoln Technical Institute and certified as a Microsoft Certified Professional, he is among the newest members of TOS. Self-taught in Web Design and a computer hobbyist, he took the lead in redesigning the TOS website to its modern appearance. Having been homeschooled himself, he views his job on a more personal level, striving to improve this website, and others, for the benefit of homeschoolers everywhere. Look for him at any hour of the day, and you will probably find him at his computer, coding his next project.

Michelle Montgomery - Email Blasts

Michelle Montgomery

Michelle Montgomery designs graphics and Email blasts for TOS. She is a computer programmer who studied at Coleman University in San Diego California. She lives in the small town of Peterborough, New Hampshire with her husband Jonathan two homeschooled children, Quinn and Evelyn, two ball pythons, a sulcata tortoise, a guinea pig and a chocolate labrador named Penny. During her rare moments of free time she enjoys baking, reading and playing competitive Scrabble in clubs and tournaments. Her main goal in life is to teach her children to love the Lord and depend on Him always.

Tia Linschied

Tia Linschied

Tia and her husband Todd have four children, two of which are homeschool graduates, and her youngest has special needs which makes homeschooling a special joy. The family enjoys camping, traveling, and spending time with family. Tia’s only personal hobbies are reading and writing. She has worked for TOS off and on over the past seven years, mainly as a marketing assistant, and as the Senior Editor of HomeschoolBlogger.com.
Tia’s mission in working for TOS is to be one of the team glorifying the Lord by helping to create the best homeschool magazine to support home educating families the world over. “I used to think I couldn’t homeschool, and then I thought I’d do it only for a few years. I am thankful for other homeschoolers who were willing to help, and encourage me to educate my children at home all the way through high school. They helped me to realize that school at home wasn’t the goal, but discipling my children to live for Christ in every area. That’s exactly what TOS is here for.”

Cheryl Duran

Cheryl Duran

Cheryl lives in southern California with her husband of 26 years, Gil. They have been blessed with 5 children, four graduated from homeschooling, and one more to go. Cheryl joined the TOS staff in late 2008 where she has done various online web and graphic work, as well as designing email blasts and coordinating e-newsletters; including The Homeschool Minute. She loves working with her friends at TOS, and with the online homeschooling community. You’ll find her spending most of her free time cooking and doing crafts with her youngest son, Sammy. Cheryl feels very passionate about homeschooling and likes to encourage parents to prayerfully use their God-given rights to homeschool their children. She believes that homeschooling not only blesses parents with the opportunity to teach their children, but it also gives each child a chance to learn and explore with their own individual learning needs. Cheryl says that’s a blessing and opportunity that you can’t pass up!


Kimberly Pharris

Kimberly Pharris

Kimberly Pharris designs Molly Green Magazine, as well as some ads and email graphics for The Old Schoolhouse®. She is also a contributing writer for Molly. She lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with her husband Kent. Thanks to differing schedules, they are able to co-homeschool their only child, Jacob. In addition to working part time at a local newspaper Kimberly owns a small design company, Spectacle Graphics. Her main goal in life is to use any talent with which He has gifted her to glorify God especially as set forth in Proverbs 31 and Titus 2. In her spare time she enjoys reading, sewing, cooking and canning. She states, “Long before being hired, I used TOS magazine and website for information and support. Imagine how excited I was to be able to work with such a fantastic homeschool resource!”

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