Thank you for your interest in writing for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine (TOS), a publication of The Old Schoolhouse®, LLC. TOS is available, worldwide, in an open-access format via online browser, as well as via mobile device applications (apps) in the Apple Store, on the Android Market, and on the Kindle Fire.

TOS has acquired a valued reputation as the monthly (150- to 200-page) publication homeschoolers can trust.

Please query us with a well-structured article proposal that includes a catchy lead, a summary of the article (including approximate length and sidebar ideas), and appropriate details. Links to clips and portfolios are of assistance as well.

All queries and other submissions are subject to the Terms of Submission posted on our website. Queries should be submitted electronically using the forms provided on our website. We strongly discourage multiple submissions of query letters (sending the same query to several publications at once). Queries submitted to TOS should be written specifically for our publication.

Your article must be an original article that has not been published elsewhere previously, including on your blog or website. Standard compensation for contributions to TOS is $40 per article, although terms of payment can vary.

All submissions are due at least 90 days before scheduled publication date of the article. Maximum word count per article is 1,200.

Your article cannot promote or sell any product. You must write about your expertise, not your product. Your biography, which will be placed beneath your article, free of charge, may promote your product, website, book, etc. With our new interactive digital format, readers will have instant access to your company/website/blog, via hyperlinks.

You are welcome to purchase an ad that promotes your company/resources; to learn more about advertising opportunities, please contact our Advertising Department at .

Below is a list of the themes and special features for each 2013 issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. If you would like to contribute an article about any of these topics, or if you would like to suggest additional topics that you would like to write about, please use the Query Submission button at the bottom of this page to share your ideas with the TOS editorial staff.


  • Online Learning/Distance Education Directory
  • Theme: Spring Cleaning
  • Theme: Homeschooling Only One Child
  • Theme: Special Needs—Gifted Children
  • Academic Spotlight: Computer Science (Technology)
  • Summer Activities Directory
  • Theme: Learning Through Nature
  • Theme: Homeschool Grads
  • Academic Spotlight: Art
  • Special Feature: The Big Blue Ocean
  • Educational Apps Directory
  • Theme: Adoption
  • Theme: Community Resources for Homeschoolers
  • Academic Spotlight: Foreign Language
  • Back to School Directory
  • Theme: Preparing for the New School Year
  • Theme: Special Needs
  • Theme: Raising Healthy Kids
  • Academic Spotlight: Grammar & Spelling
  • Special Feature: P.E./Homeschool Sports
  • Homeschool Business & Entrepreneur Directory
  • Theme: Entrepreneurs
  • Theme: Homeschool Finances
  • Academic Spotlight: Electives
  • Special Needs Directory
  • Theme: Special Needs
  • Theme: Reading/Struggling Readers
  • Theme: Homeschool Dads
  • Academic Spotlight: Science (including Science in the Kitchen)
  • Special Feature: Character & Virtue
  • Theme: Activities to Teach Godly Character
  • Theme: Heroes of Faith
  • Theme: Composers
  • Academic Spotlight: Music
  • Theme: College Prep
  • Theme: Higher Education
  • Theme: 12 Days of Christmas
  • Academic Spotlight: Phonics & Reading
  • Special Feature: Early America

We will acknowledge receipt of your query within 45 days and make a decision to accept or decline the proposed article as quickly as possible. The review process normally takes between four and six weeks but may take longer at times. Our editors will contact you if we decide to accept a queried article.

Publication of accepted materials may take from three months to more than a year, based on our needs and publication schedule. Terms of publication vary based on article length and content. Payment is made within 90 days after publication.

At TOS, we slate authors’ work for future issues as far in advance as possible, sometimes as much as two years before the issue will be published. Therefore, if you are interested in submitting a query, please do so immediately, so that your query may be carefully reviewed and considered prior to upcoming submission deadlines.

An expanded Guidelines for Writers, which provides a variety of detailed information for TOS authors and potential authors, is available here.

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