eeBoo is a small family-run business that sells many beautiful products for children, including the oil pastels I reviewed. Safety is of first concern to me when it comes to art supplies for my children, and I was delighted to read eeBoo’s reassuring safety notice on their website:

Intended for ages three and up, the oil pastels come packaged in a fish-themed set of 32 or a flower-themed set of 48. Either set would make a beautiful gift, and the illustrations on the box are sure to inspire young artists.

These versatile sets includes all the colors of the rainbow in a variety of shades and tints, as well as black, white, gray, and brown. The pastels draw smoothly and do not break easily. Children will not want to go back to crayons after experiencing these “real artist” tools! After experimenting with different papers, we discovered that oil pastels work especially well on textured paper, such as construction paper. Many children will also enjoy blending their pastel drawings, either with their fingers or with some kind of tool. I am very pleased with eeBoo’s high-quality oil pastels and give them two thumbs up!

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