If you are looking for some easy Bible crafts for young children, these books may be just what you need. Each book contains about 20 crafts. Bible Crafts 1 is divided into costumes, rings and things, and clay pots. Bible Crafts 2 has musical instruments, writing, and baskets and mats. The Greek and Hebrew alphabets in this volume are a nice bonus. Each craft has a teacher-friendly format, a clock icon to show how much time to allow, a list of needed materials, and a specific age range. (Most are geared for ages 6-9, but there are also some for older or younger age groups.) Some of the crafts offer suggestions for either simplifying or expanding the project so that you can tailor it to your individual child. A little blurb called “Life in Bible Times” shows how the craft item was used back then, and a Bible verse referring to the item is also included. The books are written for the classroom, church, or home. I think they especially lend themselves to Sunday school classes.

These books are very well organized with an attractive, easy-to-use layout. If your children like to play dress-up or put on Bible plays for family and friends, these books would provide them with lots of costumes, accessories, and props.

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