I like to mix lessons together whenever possible. In this Draw and Write Through History series, students combine art, history, and cursive handwriting in one activity. Written by a homeschooling mom of six and illustrated by a former Reiman Publications graphic artist, this book is a feast for the senses.

A character named Professor Doodle leads your child through the book. Students review their cursive formations, then take a step into the Garden of Eden by learning to draw plants, trees, dinosaurs, and people. Each drawing is broken down into steps, with steps done in color so your child clearly sees the process. Cursive passages to copy to go along with the drawings round out the history lesson.

Professor Doodle gives a running commentary to each lesson, giving context and content to the lessons. The book is aimed at ages 8 and above but can be adapted for younger ages as well.

This material can be adapted no matter what approach you take to history. It will spice up a textbook and add depth to a Charlotte Mason study. The first volume covers Creation through Jonah and is the first in a five-book series. The second, Greece, Rome, The Life of Christ and the Middle Ages, will be released in April 2007.

The accomplished student-artist will appreciate making some beautiful creations. The less confident student will be encouraged to try drawing some tougher subject material. This is a great addition to your study. I look forward to seeing the other volumes in this series.

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