Draw Ocean Animals is a 60+ page softcover book that shows you, step by step, how to draw over 40 ocean animals, from small tropical fish to the big blue whale. I would say this book is best suited for ages 9 to adult. However, I did let a bored 5-year-old have a go at it, and he was able to follow the illustrations very well independently (after I showed him how). He was very pleased with and proud of his finished work!

This book, to put it simply, is one of the best drawing books I have ever seen. My older children (ages 13 and 9) have taken four drawing courses, and this book alone would have taught them nearly as much about drawing, in a much more detailed–yet simple–and effective manner. Each page has wonderful step-by-step illustrations accompanied by very clearly written instructions and pointers. The illustrations are broken down so one could easily adjust or adapt the framework of the sketch in order to draw the animal from another point of view or in a different position. In addition, in the back of the book is a section titled “Drawing Tips,” which very effectively demonstrates shading and other techniques that will add dimension and detail to your drawings.

I am not much of an artist, but this book inspired and delighted me–especially the simple trick of drawing fish scales in a way that makes the fish look 3-dimensional. So fun! I am always looking for quality products that will engage my children independently and inspire productive creativity. We have always had art/sketch/drawing books on our shelf, but this is one of the best! I will look for others by this author!

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