Morph-o-scopes are coloring activities for children that are far beyond a traditional coloring page–as this activity works for a variety of age groups. A twist on anamorphoscopes of 300 years ago, anamorphic art is making a comeback through morph-o-scope activities. The Morph-o-scopes Sports Kit includes a sturdy drawer-style storage box with the following items inside: a box of 16 non-toxic artist’s crayons, 2 reflective mirror decoders (morph-o-scope cups), 32 reproducible activity pages, and an Enrichment Guide. The carrying case has “locking” cardboard tabs to secure the drawer within the box plus a sturdy plastic carrying handle and a divided section to slide the pages into. The activities support independent play while developing logic and perception skills, fine motor skills, spatial intelligence, and problem-solving skills. The Enrichment Guide provides an explanation of the components of the kit, details on how to use the kit, and a tiny bit of the history of the product. It also gives permission to copy the pages. Enough components are included in a themed morph-o-scope kit for two children to share in activities (with reproducible pages) without any additional items required.

The activity pages are letter coded A through G in the lower left corner, and the letters are referenced in the Enrichment Guide. There are 17 “Simply Amazing” coloring pages, 8 “Connect the Dots” pages, 4 activities called “You’re the Artist,” and single pages called “Amoozing Maze,” “Color Spaces,” “Slant Art,” and “Slider.” Again, all included pages are reproducible for use in the home of the purchaser–or in the classroom when purchased by a teacher or group leader, which makes this activity great for a co-op or homeschool support group. (A package of 30 additional mirror decoders is available for purchase for this purpose.) Further instructions for activities using Predicting, Reasoning, Drawing, and an activity called “Afterward” are also included. Page 30 of the activity pages includes instructions for creating your own morph-o-scopes and slant drawings, providing endless creative use.

For this review, we also received the Stretched Pets Packet, which arrives in a perfectly sized Ziploc bag with five pages and an additional morph-o-scope tucked neatly inside. The entire bag fits into the drawer of the larger kit along with the other items. The activities are varied. Some include a bit of predicting beforehand; others require drawing. The Enrichment Guide even lists vocabulary words at the bottom of the second page; older children could take a moment to define the words. The morph-o-scope is assembled by rolling it into a cylinder and attaching the hook edges–fairly simple. Then the child looks at the reflection in the “cup” as he or she colors the page. The cup presents the picture realistically in the reflection, while the page remains distorted otherwise. Anyone who likes coloring or is open to a visual challenge will enjoy Morph-o-scopes. And all homeschool environments can put them to good use because of their inherent mind-stretching value.

Our family loves Morph-o-scopes! The entire item–from the concept to the components–is phenomenal, and the price is right! The cost of a kit with 32 reproducible pages is $20. Our only complaint was that the wonderfully convenient carrying handle sometimes made it difficult to remove items from the drawer. Fortunately, the problem is easy enough to solve. If you simply pull the handle into a full “out” position, pages can be easily removed without damage. Our children enjoyed coloring and investigating the pages; the excitement of thinking outside the box was almost overwhelming. Our younger children were fascinated with the idea of seeing something “funny looking” on the page, yet seeing it accurately represented on the cup. Our son with autism has greatly improved the steadiness of his writing after regularly “playing” with his Morph-o-scopes! The travel capability is also a plus, The storage box is sturdy enough to be used as a lap desk, and so far the drawer securing tabs haven’t failed us. Additional kits are available on the website, as are supplemental packets and party fun packs, which are ideal for birthdays or special events.

Morph-o-scopes are a fantastic way to get your children excited about the many possibilities in art. There are plenty of options for all ages, and the activities are just plain fun. I found myself copying extra pages so I could join in!

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