Washy Squashy Magical Modeling Soap is a children’s product from the SunFeather Natural Soap Company. It is sold as a kit containing four different colors of modeling soap, four animal decals, ribbon, and instructions for three soap crafts. The crafts include soap on a ribbon, soap decorated with decals, and soap shaped with cookie cutters. In addition to these crafts, children can use their imaginations to model any shape they can think of out of the soap blocks. Once the creations are complete, they are allowed to air dry until hardened. Then they can be used in the bathtub or at the sink.

I turned my 4-year-old and 7-year-old daughters loose with the Washy Squashy Soap one afternoon. They had a blast making the included crafts as well as shaping all kinds of animals and objects from the soap. It takes a bit of manipulation with the hands to soften the soap enough to mold it. My daughters needed a little help getting it started, but once it was softened they happily played and created for over an hour with no further help from me. I love to find crafty products that the children can truly have fun with on their own, without mom holding their hands. Washy Squashy Magical Modeling Soap fits that description. I was surprised at how long the product held their attention.

I thought the soap had a slightly unpleasant oily feel, but my 7-year-old commented on how soft and silky she thought it felt. Both girls mentioned that they liked the fruity smell. Clean-up was a breeze–much easier than cleaning up after a traditional modeling clay play session! The girls were proud to be using their soaps for bath time.

Washy Squashy Magical Modeling Soap is a fun product that sparked my daughters’ creativity.

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